Luxury and privacy captured in a golden image

The golden image reflects prestige and sophistication. You will recognize the Golden Residence Villa by its special architectural design based on a distinctive golden mesh. The golden mesh with nine squares is a trademark of the Golden Residence Villa and illustrates nine residences. Here, the golden moments await you.

Smart and functional

The highly functional Golden Residence Villa is proud to have the “smart house” label. A high- tech equipment ensures you a safe and enjoyable stay in all seasons. Large, open and bright spaces with an atrium, balcony or terrace are excellent for sitting down for a morning coffee or an evening of socializing..

Excellent staff

The Golden Residence is a unique residence in Ljubljana. With its sophisticated elegance, it evokes a sense of warmth and hospitality and is intended for the most demanding guests. Entrust us with your wishes or follow our suggestions, as we only choose the best services for you.